Human Design Basis Reading


Human Design is a holistic tool that reveals your personality, which is like a very individual fingerprint. It is a holistic system that combines the traditional teachings of astrology, chakras, kabalah and IChing with the modern sciences of astrophysics and genetics to describe a person’s individual blueprint.

Your individual chart is created based on your date and place of birth. It offers deep insights into your personality parts, subconscious influences, talents and challenges, as well as the energy flow in your body. Your chart shows you who you really are deep down. This not only brings more clarity and lightness, but also more energy!

Human Design Basis Reading:

  • Human Design Introduction
  • Your Type (Manifestor, Manifesting Generator, Generator, Projector, or Reflector)
  • Your strategy
  • Your authority
  • Your centers (defined/undefined)
  • Your lines
  • Your profile
  • The basic reading takes place on 2 dates (plan for at least 60 minutes for each appointment).


After the reading, you will receive your personal handbook(PDF) with all the details to read.
In advance to our session I will send you a Zoom link.

Any topics which are likely to appear during the reading where you would like to work on further, I will be happy to continue to support you as a mindset & lifestyle coach.

Lots of Love, Kat